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Virtual Assistant Help

We know that a professional has to be a multi-tasker in his company or in his business. As a result, a professional needs to keep a record of his meetings and other operational tasks. We at Assignmentsweb help in managing your company errands. You can totally and completely depend upon us.

We provide assistance to small business companies and top management people on-the-go. We keep track of all your company meetings, all your administrative works, your billing and invoicing, book-keeping, document customization and operational tasks.

If you have any forthcoming event, we can book potential client meetings, travel booking, hotel reservations, Schedule Company meeting rooms, providing seating plans, doing necessary company’s paper works, providing recommendations, etc.

We also help in providing Customer Relationship Management services. We understand the importance of customers. For achieving company’s higher sales on a consistent basis, it is very important to keep track record of all the potential clients. We help in coordinating company-client meetings, creating track processes of warm leads, hot leads and follow-up, do research work and much more.

We assure you a peace of mind and a stress-free professional life by choosing us as your virtual assistant partner and we will be there at your service 24*7. We guarantee you real time mentoring with full respect to your privacy.

The process of assigning the tasks to us:

The process begins by defining the goals or objectives to assignments web. The process should be as specific as possible. It should be crisp, clear and concise. It should be very clear that what are the elements or factors which are involved and what actually needs to be accomplished. We have our own Virtual Assistant form which you need to fill once you apply for this service.

The second step of this process is to communicate regarding this project to us. The communication should be clear on what you need and why you need those services and their impact on your business in brief. This step is included by our website, because we don’t want to mess up by ending at some misunderstandings, not even 1%.

After this second step, assignmentsweb will be sending you the written document involving the inputs which we got from step 1 and step 2. We will also be adding some suggestions to this paper which can enhance your work and make it even better and gives it a perfect picture. This will make the communication even clearer, without any misunderstandings.

Then, assignmentsweb will be sharing with you the scheduling report where we will explain as to when which task would be starting and when will it be ending, with proper date, timing and place. This Scheduling report will be shared with the professional/company/homemaker and will be verified. If there is something which is not liked by the client will be changed accordingly.

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