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About Karen Berkman
Experience - 10 Years
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About Karen Berkman

Masters in Economics with specialization in Macro Economics and Forecasting from California State University, College of Business and Economics


16 years of experience in Economics and is well adept with current economic conditions; extensive experience with Forecasting.

Professional Experience

I am working as Economics Researcher at Euromonitor International. I am also assistant visiting professor at Department of Economics with University of Connecticut. I have good experience in Macro Economics, Forecasting, Monetary Theory and Policy, Mathematical Economics, International Trade and Finance and Statistics. I have written numerous articles for publications on banking, monetary and International Monetary Fund. All my articles are well read and are being appreciated by the people.

Professional Skills

Economic Research, SPSS, Quantitative Analysis, Questionnaire Design, Macro Economics, Economic Marketing Analysis.


I like listening to music, reading books and travelling. I like playing indoor games too like monopoly.