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About Julia Holloway
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About Julia Holloway

I completed my Actuarial Science from Indiana University successfully.


I am working as Actuarial Consultant with Deloitte Consultancy, Chicago from past 2 years. Before this, I was associated with Indian Statistical Institute. I also used to work as Part-time Statistics Lecturer.

Professional Experience

I have expertise in strong analytical skills and doing in-depth statistical studies on different kind of projects/ assignments. I get many assignments from Assignmentsweb and I have handled following kind of projects, viz Track Study of mobile phones, Track study of credit cards, corporate image study, etc which involved lot of statistical research.

Professional Skills

Covariance, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Methods of moments, Range, Standard Error, Poisson Experiment, Random Sample, Simulation Techniques, Chi- Square goodness of fit test, Confidence Interval Intervention, Simple and Composite Hypothesis, Two Sample Tests, Level of significance, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Least Square Lines, Regression Analysis, Normal Distribution, F-Distribution, Numerical Measures, etc.


I like stamp collecting, singing, writing, listening to good music and dancing. I also like to play indoor games with my children.