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About Sylvia Ramos
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About Sylvia Ramos

I have done Masters in Statistics from Oxford University.


I am working as Statistics Consultant at Statisticsdoctor Consultancy, Philippines from past 10 years. I am also a visiting faculty at Mindanao State University, Illigan Institute of Technology, Iligan City from past 3 years. And I am working with Assignmentsweb.

Professional Experience

I am offering expertise in doing exceptional statistical analysis with superb statistical methodology. I have catered to many assignments from different industries viz. Accountancy, Tourism, Business, FMCG, Apparels, Telecom, Electronics, Publishing Companies, etc. I have been part of statistical analysis, statistical advising for about 5000 different kind of projects. Even I use the complex statistical analysis like Monte Carlo, and other simulations very well. I have been associated with Assignmentsweb from past 3 years. I understand that students mostly face problem in doing graphs, probabilities, theorems, etc. My goal is always to provide the solution in a given time frame. And, I always keep a professional outlook towards my work, irrespective of whether it is an assignment or a project or an experiment.

Professional Skills

Regression Analysis, Probability Distributions, Sampling Theory, Measures of Dispersion, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Z-test, t-test, Chi-square test, Sampling Theory, Time Series Analysis, Confidence Intervals, Sample Surveys, Factor Analysis, Correlation and Causation, Linear Programming Problems, Scaling of scores and scorings, random variables and processes, Measures of Central Tendency and Testing of Hypothesis.


I like listening to music, Going out for dinner and playing basket ball.