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About Shayne Montana

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University, USA


I have 8 years of experience as Professor at Oxford University.

Professional Experience

I am a mathematician with expertise in mathematical analysis and quantitative modeling. I see the beauty in the shapes, equations, terms, concept and proof. I am in this line from past 20 years. I have undertaken many assignments from Assignmentsweb and I have experience in explaining and presenting the solutions of the complex questions with utmost clarity to the students and audiences at large.

Professional Skills

Probability, Sequences and Series, Set Theory, Complex Numbers, Algebra Assignment Help, Hyperbola, Laws of Triangle, Set Theory, Measures of Central Tendency, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Binomial Theorem, Calculus, Circle, Ellipse, Discrete Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Matrices, Topology, Trignometric Equations, Permutations and Combinations.


I like listening to good music. I have interest in arts and books.