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About Victoria Cobb
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About Victoria Cobb

Doctor of philosophy in Mathematics from Illinois State University


I have 15 years experience in IntelliGenesis as a Mathematician and have 5 years of experience as Assistant Professor at Oxford University.

Professional Experience

I have 20 years of experience in the field of Mathematics. I have experience with mathematical tools like Mathematica, Matlab and Maple. I have solved 2500 assignments successfully for Assignmentsweb till now. I explain the solutions in such a detailed manner to the students such that it becomes easy for anyone to grab the concept.

Professional Skills

Matrix Analysis, Graph Theory, Theory of Computing, Visualisation, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Number Theory, Geometrical figures, Functional Analysis, Calculus, Rational Functions and Probability.


I like movies, music, travelling, dancing, eating, partying and enjoying life to the fullest.