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About Crystal Owen
Experience - 19 Years
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About Crystal Owen

I have completed my B.S.M.E. in mechanical engineering as my major from Saginaw Valley State University. I have done A.A.S. in mechanical engineering from Pitt Community College, USA.


I am working as Senior Mechanical Design Engineer at Rodger’s Instruments Inc..

Professional Experience

I have huge experience in designing and developing plans for products/machines. I have been part of many projects and assignments. I prepare detailed plans with proper specifications and refined cost estimates.

Professional Skills

Industrial Design, Machine Design, Product Development, CAD, Auto CAD, Strategic Planning, Business Strategy, Bending Stress, Thermodynamics, Friction, Kinematic, Fluid Mechanics, Design and Drafting, Torsion, Trusses.


I have interest in designing machines. I also have interest in arts and paintings. I like travelling, writing, reading books and playing games too.