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About Crystal Owen

I have done my civil engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. I have done my graduation from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


I am working as Civil Engineer at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Also, I am member of American Society of Civil Engineers. Before joining Calgary, I was associated with County of Loudon as Senior Water Resources Engineer.

Professional Experience

I have good experience in civil engineering with exposure in US, Canada and UAE. I have expertise in geotechnical procedures such as underpinning, soil nailing, micro-piling, anchoring and dynamic compaction. I have worked in for different kind of projects like, Shopping place, roads, fly-over, residential and commercial developments, etc. I have worked upon many assignments related to water resources management, floodplain management, land development management, Hydrologic Modeling, etc.

Professional Skills

Geotechnical Designs, Piles and Welding, Friction, Work, Power and Energy, Materials Engineering, Truss, Vectors, Surveying and Analysis, Non-current Force Systems, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Grouting, Injection, Protective Coating, Water Resources Engineering, Drainage Design, Storm Water Management, Flood plain management, Site Plan Development, GIS for Hydraulic issues etc.


My interests are reading books, watching movies, listening to music, singing and painting. I also like playing table tennis, basket ball and squash.