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About Blake Martin
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About Blake Martin

I have done Chemical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.


I am presently working as Chemical Engineer at Baker Hughes. Before this, I was associated with Dupont, US. I am also the member of Department of Chemical Engineering. I am well-known Speaker and A Freelancer. I undertake lot of assignments for Chemical Engineering Students.

Professional Experience

I have been travelling to UK, US, Italy, Europe and Japan for chemical technological issues, evaluations, conferences and for launching new designs. I have successfully shown my skills and knowledge in chemistry every time whenever I got the opportunity. I have spent around 7 years in academia carrying out research in chemistry. I am associated with BakerHughes, where I am working as a Chemical Engineer. There, my job responsibility is to provide with the best chemical technology solutions for transportation, hydrocarbon production, controlling corrosion, controlling bacteria, deposition and processing. I have huge experience in dealing with inorganic chemicals. My articles have been part of tabloids, newspapers, magazines and term papers from time to time. I have done 50 publications till now. I am working as a freelancer with Assignmentsweb from past 5 years and I have been providing comprehensive solutions accurately to their students.

Professional Skills

Chemical technology solutions, Computational Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Chemistry, Chemical Topology Studies, Electron Localisation Functions (ELF), Molecular Structures, etc


As such I don’t have any hobby. Whatever I do is like a hobby for me. I do what I Like and I like what I do. And I love Chemistry.