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About Vanessa Sherman

I have done PHD from University of Queensland, Australia and Masters in Biotechnology from Northwestern University in Evanston.


50 years experience as Professor at the Institute of Genomics

Professional Experience

I have been teaching biology from a long time. I am always appreciated for my knowledge and skills in Biology. I have regular students who take my help from Assignmentsweb. I always deliver the best work. I have undertaken many assignments on this subject and I am known for my work’s quality.

Professional Skills

Bio-Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biofuels, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Bio Chemical Engineering, Research and Development in Biotech, Hydra, Genetic Engineering, Zoology, Biotechnology, Production of Steroids and Antibiotics, Modes of Fermentation Process and Hybridoma Technique.


I like travelling, parties and I am a movie buff. I like playing indoor games like Carrom, Chess and Monopoly.